Lightfoot Sheep

We brought our first sheep in August 2011. We started with Ouessant sheep which are the world’s smallest sheep originating from a small French Island Ouessant situated west of Brest in Britany. They are affectionate, easy to keep and need little space. The males are horned and the lambs look very much like pygmy goat kids.

We then purchased some Coloured Ryeland Sheep both brown and grey. These are very much like Southdown sheep with woolly faces, they are short and stumpy and very lovely.

Now we only have Ryeland’s and a few Southdown as we have sold all of our Ouessents.

Often we have Ryeland lambs and sheep for sale; if you are interested please give us a ring to see the availability.



2020 born Ryeland wethers, colour – Brown and Dark Grey

2020 born Ryeland ewe lambs, colour – Brown , Black and Dark Grey

2020 born Ryland X Swiss Black Nose Valais ewes and Wethers

Swiss Black Nose Valais ewes and Wethers

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