Our Herd

Lightfoot operates a “closed herd” which means that we don’t take our animals to shows or mix with other herds. We believe that the bio security and health of our animals is paramount to their breeding and care.

We have 300 animals on farm, and a further 20+ in East Sussex ,consisting of Huacaya and Suri originating from Chile, Peru and home breed. We have the whole range of colours, all ages and qualities of fleece.


Our animals are kept in small groups over our 175 acres of farm land in The Weald of Kent. We grow our own hay which allows us to be sure of quality forage.

We welcome visitors to come and meet the herd, see how we look after them and ask the many questions that crop up. We fully understand that taking on any livestock is a long term responsibility and we need to know that any prospective new owners are aware of what alpaca ownership entails so that these beautiful creatures are looked after in the way that they deserve.

Prize winning alpacas!
“Taz” Graham’s first chosen alpaca, the start of his passion for Grey’s

If you are thinking of starting a herd, owning some as pets or expanding your existing herd, why not come and see what we have to offer.

We always have a range of fleece for sale including Suri. Please ring either Graham on 07802 263589 or Barbara on 07801 632044 for colours available.